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2012.07.06 – Sint Maarten to Newport

This gallery contains 50 photos.

As if dictated by the migration of birds La Forza was due to sail north for the summer and I was only too happy to help in the effort. So from Montreal I flew to Sint Marteen to call La … Continue reading

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2012.05.22 – Kinetik Festival

This gallery contains 52 photos.

Perhaps life is all about contrasts and music. Perhaps not but for the sake of this entry humor me and imagine it is. From the quiet Utah wilderness it was off to cosmopolitan Montreal, Quebec upon wing and rail for … Continue reading

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2012.05.07 – Utah

This gallery contains 65 photos.

The day after I returned from Ecuador was my friend and colleague Brian and his fiance Christine’s Ruracio, the second part of their traditional Kenyan wedding. The third and final ceremony of their wedding will be celebrated in Kenya in … Continue reading

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2012.04.05 – Ecuador II

This gallery contains 89 photos.

From the British Virgin Islands it was back through St. Thomas, Miami, and Panama City to Quito for another two weeks of Ecuadorian adventure. Thanks to the hospitality of Elvia and Oswaldo, Latacunga became my home base for several trips … Continue reading

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2012.03.19 – British Virgin Islands

This gallery contains 18 photos.

As you may have noticed from the blog, if there’s one thing I have a hard time turning down it’s sailing. So when several friends proposed chartering a catamaran in the Caribbean for a few days I could say little … Continue reading

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2012.03.14 – Ecuador I

This gallery contains 73 photos.

With nearly a month and a half on my hands and eager to experience the culture I’d been learning about while living with Hernan and his family, I decided a trip to Ecuador was in order. This trip marked finally … Continue reading

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2012.02.28 – Winter 2012

This gallery contains 20 photos.

The flight home from Sint Marteen marked the beginning of what would be a winter spent around the US. First stop was Idaho for Christmas with family and an epic day of skiing with Jason. The project at Sigma I … Continue reading

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2011.12.17 – Florida to Sint Maarten

This gallery contains 68 photos.

While winter may have come too soon to get Northern Cross sailing again, La Forza was safely south and luckily in need of crew for a delivery to the Caribbean. The passage from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Sint Maarten, Netherland … Continue reading

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2011.11.13 – Closing the Loop

This gallery contains 11 photos.

In October I started working part time back at Sigma in DC, so I figured having a vehicle there throughout the winter would be advantageous. Graced with a beautiful weekend (by November standards in New England anyway) I decided to … Continue reading

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2011.10.25 – Family Road Trip

This gallery contains 37 photos.

I mentioned some catching up to do in the last post, indeed October was quite the month! Boat work with my folks, the purchase of some pretty sweet metalworking equipment, and a road trip with my sister and cousin around … Continue reading

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