When I used to dream about being a rock star (wait, I still do), more enjoyable than actually practicing a musical instrument was imagining the music, tours, parties, female fans, albums, etc. Along with the albums were visions of the artwork (come to think of it, I think those 150 burned piano keys are still in my parents’ basement), the catchy yet oh-so-deep philosophical musings, and last but not least, the “Thanks to….” leaflet.

Now just as then I’m at a loss. Petrified of forgetting someone should I thank people by name, I’m reduced to a broad but sincere appreciation. To my parents who raised me in a way I appreciate everyday, to my family and friends who have loved, encouraged, and helped at every step of the way, and to a country that has given me the tools and freedom of choice to work hard to play hard, “Thank you so much! – ¡Muchas gracias! – Tusen takk! – Terima kasih banyak! – Děkuji moc! – Merci beaucoup! – Asante sana! – Grazie mille! – Danke schön!

Without you I wouldn’t be out here doing what I love most, and while no names are set down here in print I think of each and every one of you with utmost fondness and gratitude. With such a debt to repay, I hope to at least bring a few smiles to your faces through the photographs I take and hilarious circumstances I seem to find myself. And finally, I invite everyone to come visit, wherever I may be!

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