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And it’s live! Finally a more elegant way to present my favorite photos and those from before the Dromedary Tales began. http://www.ryancargophotography.com

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2013.03.21 – Winter in DC

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And just like that I was back to work! Timing was perfect to get back on board the TWiLiTE project, one of NASA’s high-altitude aircraft instrumentation projects I’d been involved with while working at Sigma Space since 2007. TWiLiTE, which … Continue reading

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2012.10.01 – The Czech Republic to Croatia

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With the end of summer approaching and a return to gainful employment (yes, I do work sometimes!) slated for October 1st, I had but two weeks remaining in Europe. I decided that returning Punda Milia to her native Croatia was … Continue reading

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2012.09.18 – Central Europe

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Earlier in the year my folks and I had casually discussed meeting somewhere in Europe late in the summer. It took but another few phone calls to put that trip on the calendar – it would be the first time … Continue reading

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2012.09.04 – Croatia to the Czech Republic

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Having purchased a one-way ticket to Kenya, what to do afterward was quite open ended. Sometime during my month there it occurred to me to fly somewhere, buy a bicycle, and enjoy the rest of the summer on two wheels. … Continue reading

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2012.08.21 – Kenya III

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With Brian and Christine married it was time for a few more Kenyan excursions. Though some were close to home (such as day hiking and trail running in the Ngong Hills) the real adventures lay days away in the wilds … Continue reading

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2012.08.10 – Kenya II

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As the wedding date neared the preparations continued. By day we met with catering companies and photographers, by night we slipped into Nairobi city center to meet with printing companies, tailors, and venues serving Tusker and White Cap. Meanwhile our … Continue reading

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2012.08.03 – Kenya I

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My last posts may have mentioned something about a wedding on another continent and updating the Dromedary Tales in October. I suppose 2013 would have been a better estimate as my backlog of over 8,000 photos from those three months … Continue reading

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2012.09.05 – Out of the Office

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You may have noticed I haven’t been at my desk lately and my phone is shut off. Well, there’s a good explanation for that but until I return to the states in October I probably won’t have time to post … Continue reading

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2012.07.20 – St. Clair Family Reunion

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With 2012 flying by it was already July which meant it was time for our family reunion in Idaho. So west I went for almost two weeks, first stopping in Salt Lake City to visit Crystal and Tayt. Next stop … Continue reading

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