2012.09.05 – Out of the Office

You may have noticed I haven’t been at my desk lately and my phone is shut off. Well, there’s a good explanation for that but until I return to the states in October I probably won’t have time to post much about these latest adventures. All I can say is that they may involve Giraffes and wheeled Zebras :-)



Wheeled Zebra.

Wheeled Zebra.

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3 Responses to 2012.09.05 – Out of the Office

  1. Victor Low says:

    From camel to zebra. When you gonna ride that giraffe?

  2. Maggie says:

    Ryan, I look at some of these photos and commentaries and I have to say I am just so blown away. You are living the life so many of us fantasize about yet have never had the courage to embark on ourselves. I am sure it is not always easy and that some things must come at a cost, but from a past hippie from the sixties who happens to be your aunt, I can only say how thrilled and proud I am of you for following your dreams. I love you.
    Auntie M

    • rcargo says:

      Aunt Marge,
      Thank you for your kind words, life is indeed an adventure and thankfully I had role models from day one who were passionate about making the most of it. I’m so happy our paths have crossed lately, and in such a variety of lovely places. Can’t wait for our upcoming trip across the seas, hopefully along the way you will relate a few stories from those hippie days :-)
      Much love,

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